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As a little girl, Laci Kramer always found hope in the rain and believes that good things will follow it. But after losing her husband, she has trouble seeing the good in anything except her four kids and her job...until one rainy day when she boards a plane and something good sits down beside her.

Mitch is from North Carolina and lost his wife a few years ago. And on that short four-hour flight, Laci becomes an unexpected surprise that he can't resist. An old-fashioned courtship brings their love to life, but is it strong enough to last when threatened by her uncertain future? Can Laci's faith help her overcome the fear of what lies ahead and give Mitch her whole heart? Or will she let him go to spare him from repeating a horrible pain from his past.

Laci will lose hope in love, and life...until it rains.

Recovering from a devastating loss, Laci and Mitch return to the Pacific Northwest for a time of healing and renewal.   During a short road trip to the Gorge, they meet a fiesty red-head named Hannah Blake.  Hannah takes care of her ailing grandmother, and is about to lose her parent's Winery and B&B, FoxHead Estates.  With a little help from the rain, Laci realizes they are there to help Hannah save her business.  In an effort to buy the Estate, Mitch decides to send up his brother Brad to handle the business details.

Brad is in his late 40's, scruffy, dark hair...and celebrates 'No-Shave'November' for eleven out of the 12 months.  He also lacks in the 'love' department, and is finally ready to find someone to share his life.  No one ever compares to his long-lost love however, Jules McCrae.  He loves her so much, that each year, he writes her a letter on what would have been their wedding anniversary.  Never mailed. Never opened...never read.

When Brad flies up to check out FoxHead Estates and meets Hannah for the first time, they will both come face to face with their past.  Can Hannah let go of the pain and hurt to find her way back to loving him?  Can Brad see past his own fear to let Hannah back in?  As the storm ensues between them, they will learn about God's grace, and his impeccable timing.