My Story

Raised in the Midwest, Sandy grew up in the country and had little to do except read or ride her bike.  She chose to read.  In high school, she took an interest in writing, and began to cultivate her curiosities and creative mind through poetry.  After college, reality settled in and life began, as did her family...and she put her pen down.  Years later though, after her kids were older and more self sufficient, Sandy began to write again. 

Her first novel, Hope in the Rain, was sparked after meeting a man from North Carolina on a flight to Phoenix.  A year after that flight, she had a dream about him.  Being a hopeless romantic, and having a closet addiction to Hallmark and Lifetime movies, she felt a sudden desire to write a love story about a man and woman who meet on a plane.

Once the first two chapters were written, she soon realized the true inspiration and purpose for the book was her best friend, Laura - honoring Laura's real-life battle with breast cancer.  Laura celebrated five years cancer free in 2014 thanks to annual exams and early detection. 

This 'Elements of Love' Series is truly an old-fashioned love story that shares hope, second chances at love and life, and how perfect God's timing really is in this life, which is something I'm learning every day.

Sandy returned to her hometown of Mt. Vernon, Illinois where she lives with her two youngest children, and does Marketing for a local non-profit.  Her second novel, a sequel entitled 'Grace After the Storm', was released in January 2016.  In her spare time, she is active in her kids lives, serves in her church, and can usually be found in her local coffee shop/bookstore busy working on her next book, 'Faith From Falling Snow', due out in late fall, 2017.